Willowood Healing Resources

This is YOUR time – time for yourself, time to heal.  We are dedicated to providing a nurturing, calm, stress-free healing experience.  Here’s what you can expect from us.


When you arrive at Willowood, you will be asked to fill out some brief intake forms to record any relevant medical history, injuries or physical conditions we should be aware of.


Your practitioner will review the forms with you and discuss your goals for the session and answer any questions.  Communication is key to receiving the most effective treatment for achieving your wellness goals.

Your healing session is in a quiet, private room.  For energy work you will remain fully clothed. For massage, your practitioner will leave the room giving you time to disrobe and lay down on the table under the sheet and blanket. During your massage, your practitioner will only uncover the area of your body being worked on.

During Your Session

Relax your body, mind and spirit to be in the present moment. Breathe normally and stay relaxed.  Your practitioner will periodically communicate with you to ensure you are comfortable. 

When your session is complete, your practitioner will debrief with you to discuss your experience and discuss follow up care options.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
— Hippocrates


New Client Form Packet
Please fill out these forms and bring them to your first appointment or email

What to Expect After Your Treatment

Info Sheet: What is Reiki

Willowood's Policy Statement